Oral Hygiene Set

All the necessary components for routine dressing procedures are grouped, placed in the order of use and sterilized in a unique pack. Most of the sets are wrapped in large field that, when opened will automatically cover the working place thus creating an immediate sterile field. It is exclusively made by single use components. Single peel pack, Sterile, Ready for use. Other specification available on request.

Sterile Field 45 x 45 cm
Gallipot 500ML
Forcep Blue
Wooden Tongue Depressor
Cotton Application Stick
Cotton Ball 0.5 GM
Gauze Swab 7.5 x 7.5 CM 8 Ply
Limpet Bag
Patient Drape
C Fold Hand Towel

  • Product Specification

    Product Name Description Packaging Detail
    ORAL HYGIENE SET Contents:
    1pc - Tray Plastic 500ml
    1pc - Dressing Forcep Blue
    3pcs - Cotton Ball 0.5gm
    1pc - Wooden Tongue Depressor
    2pcs - Cotton Tip Applicator
    15pcs - Gauze 7.5cm x 7.5cm x 8ply
    2pcs - C-Fold Hand Towel
    1pc - Sterile Field 45cm x 45cm
    1pc - Patient Drape 45cm x 45cm
    1pc - Limpet Bag
    CTN OF 50 PCS